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I am aware the audience is to the DL and everyone need to be gay however, in this case isn’t

I am aware the audience is to the DL and everyone need to be gay however, in this case isn’t

Sam’s not homosexual, I really hope that you the appreciate this but I am able to discover as to why Lindsay is indeed connected to this lady. she actually is one of the few people as much as that when your satisfy on your own ways you cannot photo everything without them, she is very very since the men and you can mostly since the a pal

sure r750, about sam screams upright, it’s impossible she would be homosexual, i think she actually is relationship which pretty child named draw ronson, they truly are could see with her

r752 I am aware that all about Sam screams lesbian but is they therefore impractical to believe that specific butch appearing girl you will in fact be upright?

I understand is hard to believe and that i be aware that you will perform it or otherwise not, I am just claiming what i understand and the things i know was not really what everyone need certainly to pay attention to however it is the latest specifics.

Good morning, we have been hearing to possess days you to Ronson are 'openly gay’. Now some Pr fangurl idiot attempts to write to us if not. Delight. Oh, and you will any kind of their relationships, the photographs talk on their own. I’ve Never ever just after nuzzled anybody’s shoulder unless of course I experienced dishonorable aim!

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Oh waiting, if it are conjecture on the Wentworth Miller or one of many almost every other hundreds of guys do you consider are gay, this may be will be regular

r760, most likely given that this woman is. She actually is probably an excellent Lindsay Lohan tween fangurl and you can the woman is trying declare that Sam are upright as the of the the lady reason, who plus indicate Lindsay try upright and they are „only members of the family.”

r750 Why must do you believe Samantha are upright? Samantha you may identify since bisexual in place of homosexual. Have you contemplated that? She actually is not upright, even if, sorry.

As well as, We go along with r758 into shoulder nuzzling, never, actually ever done by using anyone who was only a buddy, disappointed.

I’m not sure for Lindsay, I’m not sure this lady and you will I have never ever talked in order to this lady within the people however, I could certaly say that Sam is really so far from becoming homosexual, I can’t extremely understand why people guess knowing all about someone off his appears

r753 will not Thought Sam are upright. 753 are an excellent deluded teenager who has just understood he’s got no opportunity having Lohan. Or if perhaps she’s a woman, simply noticed that her dependence on Lohan makes the lady a good dyke, hence Lohan’s „BFF” should be upright, which will generate Lohan straight as well.

God Christ. Once more, I repeat people; observe new fifth season of your own L Word, or take a beneficial view „Nikki Stevens”. She’s considering LL.

together with, understand that Angela Robinson, just who directed (and you can had written) a number of L word periods having Nikki included, also directed Herbie: Fully Stacked – and then we all of the see just who appeared in That film.

kaching 770. more people that beginning to discover so it, the greater. FYI somebody, LL might have been closeted when you look at the La-la got for many years. In reality, as the she is to 19. That is and whenever she arrived at score banged right up. there are girls before Sam. 3 that we is also contemplate off of the ideal out of my personal head. and maybe other individuals who had been never made societal.

An incredibly hottttt broadcast DJ. worked with tight just before. Sensuous I share with . sexy. and in the five times much more femme than simply LiLo.

Semel is also very very extremely femme. Really don’t believe Lohan cares to help you much regarding femme otherwise mellow butch material. she def will not such as the totally butch people. but she’s quite discover. as well as, (my opinion simply) i do believe she is a leading between the sheets anyway, which do not amount extremely.