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Where do Gangaji instruct regarding the “Divisions out-of Believe” while the told me for the Section 17 of the Gita?

Where do Gangaji instruct regarding the “Divisions out-of Believe” while the told me for the Section 17 of the Gita?

And in case there clearly was nonetheless people ambiguity about it point Krishna up coming particularly announces that those that are usually thought or Him (Mat-Gatena,) maybe not Their times, His Brahman, or any kind of fictional suggestions that concocts throughout the Jesus… see your face, who produces services so you’re able to Your, the new identification of Godhead whom goes on the initial name KRISHNA, who’s the fresh presenter of Bhagavad-gita, is the High Of all the! ! (yukta-tamah.)

“Of all yogis the one who always thinks of Me (mat-gatena) in full trust, (sraddha-van) helping to make enjoying service (bhajate) for me (mam), that person (sah ) I envision (me-matah) a! (yukta-tamah.)” – Bhagavad-gita Because it’s, Section 6 “Sankya Pilates”, Text message 47

This type of passages next introduce one based on Bhagavad-gita, Gangaji try a scam and you can a cheat even with their unfounded allege that: “Gangaji instructs so it exact same realities that Krishna coached.”

And make like a ridiculous report not simply shows the lack of knowledge about what Krishna taught regarding Gita, however, moreover it reveals just how harmful and you can self-serving Gangaji’s training is actually. In reality We assume one to. But for every one of these others who was looking over this replace, decide for yourself in accordance with the research I’ll today offer if Gangaji is largely teaching just what Krishna coached or any other dastardly question:

Does Ganjaji teach on Karma plus the transcendence of spirit such as for instance Krisna elaborately lies in Section dos of Gita? Where does Gangaji show their students about the “About three Methods off Material” characteristics because they are very carefully informed me during the Section fourteen of your own Gita? I’ve yet , to encounter certainly one of Gangaji’s disciples that will discern within “Divine and you can Demoniac Nature” as explained into the Part 16 of your own Gita.

Gangaji isn’t teaching something alongside exactly what Krishna instructed from inside the the latest Bhagavad gita along with unsealed yourself to become extremely foolish and you can tricked to make such as a ridiculous allege. Therefore i once more accuse Gangaji to be a whole ripoff exactly who does not have any idea the content of Gita what to cam of show they!

The propaganda put out by the Lake Ganga basis verifies you to Gangahi are prompting her very own “End up being Nonetheless; You’re Goodness; Feel better; Tune in to Myself” religion and not what Krishna informed clearly as follows:

“ Engage your head constantly when you look at the considering Myself, end up being My lovers, offer obeisances in my experience and worship Me. Getting totally immersed during the Me, you’ll certainly reach Me.” – Bhagavad-gita Because it’s, Chapter nine “Experience with the absolute”, Text 34.


This really is next confirmed by the exactly how Krishna answered the question Arjuna requested in the first verse away from Part a dozen. Arjuna particularly desired to know which the higher yogi are. Was it the person who worships Your when it comes to the latest impersonal Brahman (aksaram -outside of the senses; avyaktam-the brand new us-manifested), or perhaps the yogi exactly who uses up the entire process of loving determination in order to Him in the way of Bhakti Pilates:

I am certain you think what you said is true and you can could possibly get continue to do thus even with understanding such several rebuttals

“Arjuna inquired: Being said to be more prime , people that are usually safely engaged in The devotional solution otherwise individuals who praise the fresh new impersonal Brahman, the newest unmanifested?” – Bhagavad-gita Since it is, Part twelve “Devotional Solution”, Text message step 1.

Krishna’s response is quick and also obvious. Individuals who you will need to rationalize an option meaning from Their conditions are just appearing just how secured more he or she is by the the individual satisfaction and you may jealous characteristics.